DRAGON (DRAKEIN) ~ to see clearly

Dragonshades is all about colour. We see colour, we choose or reject colour. We are colourful people. What you will see here is an exploration of colour How you experience the effect of looking at these colours will depend very much on how you see. You don’t have to be what is called artistic. You aren’t necessarily interested in things esoteric. You may even laugh at the idea of elementals and the great unseen. What is certain is that the more you look, really look, at colour the more you enrich your life visually, mentally and emotionally.

Dragonshades is the name given to colours seen clearly. Although regarded as a mythical creature the Dragon has been depicted in various cultures expressing the elements ~ water, earth, fire and air. Much feared or despised dragons have had a very bad public image. It is possible that the dragon has always been a way to direct fear and loathing of our selves onto something that was detached from ourselves and easy to see as the enemy. The missing element in the story has always been the fifth element, love. If we are our own dragon then it is time that we started acknowledging the fifth element in our lives. The element that brings everything to life. Dragonshades is the fifth element in a form that we can see.

2 thoughts on “DRAGON (DRAKEIN) ~ to see clearly

  1. It’s Saturday night here. I finally had some quiet time on my own and took the time to go all the way back through your blog. Too much — waaaaay to much to comment on here. What a beautiful deerhound she was. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the journey and to thank you for sharing your art, your creativity, your dreams and your life with the rest of us. Truly wonderful blog! Don’t stop!

  2. Thanks Greg for your time and careful attention to this blog. Ishtar was a remarkable deerhound and I had the privilege of being present both at her birth and natural death. She was my shadow and I think that we have shared many lives. I truly appreciate your comments and with such encouragement I will certainly keep on communicating with colour.

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