2 thoughts on “Curves and Corners

  1. Hey again – thanks for your gorgeous comments on my blog… I think you are right… she is a rainbow princess… – I LOVE the way you see the world. It is a stunning one, the one you live in. Your photos are fabulous and they utterly shine, shout and whisper all at the same time. A whole bundle of gorgeousness…

  2. My postings are a combination of photographs taken each day (recording the colour of the moment) and related photographs from earlier times that seem to match the mood of the day. I started doing this for my own amusement and because I was curious to see what a year of colour would look like. I have now been joined by a colourful assortment of fellow Bloggers who have added to my creativity in ways that I couldn’t have imagined when I started this journey. ‘Likes’ make me smile and are like an invitation through a magic door to another way of experiencing the world as I visit other Blogs. Comments get me thinking and responding. I really appreciate your touching remarks and I will do my best to delight further!

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