1. Divide the picture in half vertically. On the left upper quadrant the golden domed head of the Phahraoh rests on the back of his couch. It’s edge is encrusted with a large jewel from which trails a twisted golden sash, Around his head floats bubbles of thought and trails of dreams, he has left his body behind when in the dream-state. In the lower right quadrant a large python slithers from under his body and the head turns and catches the light as it observes the two stylised olive green snakes at the base of the picture. When choosing a title the words are inspired as much by the atmosphere and colours as by the shapes. No-one does opulant and creepy better than the Pharahoes; that mix of the natural world with the alien unknown. The next time you look at a tree try looking at it as if you didn’t know what it was, letting go of what you “know” and opening to what you feel.

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