4 thoughts on “PROTOTYPE PHOENIX

  1. Yes, I like the phoenix idea as well. That’s the beauty of your creations. So many different images can emerge and each one is completely valid. I have a Persian carpet at home that has one of the most intricate patterns I have ever seen. I get lost in it and keep seeing different images take form within the design. I can look at the same spot a day later and see a completely different image come to life. It’s great fuel for the imagination. And so is your art.

  2. I greatly appreciate your comment. Not everyone has an interest in art but few people lack an opinion about colour and we have an inbuilt curiosity and need to identify shapes as part of our survival mechanism. The extent to which anyone is able to see inside a carpet, a painting, a photograph or a sculpture depends upon their innate creativity and a willingness to see. Few people are taught stillness. Sometimes art is able to inspire such creative inactivity.

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