2 thoughts on “STEPPING OUT

  1. hi, these are such beautiful pictures, but its getting lost with the blue background,and the fonts are not visible .. just a suggestion if You change it, am sure you will be doing a so much justice to the wonderful pictures.. 🙂 ..

    • Thank you for your caring comment and may I begin by saying you are absolutely right. I work on a large screen HP laptop where both the images and fonts are very clear. I realise that this will be different depending on the viewing computer but when I started dragonshades the blue was an intuitive choice and I enjoy the unconventionality of using a coloured background with colour photos. Not logical I know but then this is a rather strange blog. It is possible that I will make the change one of these days. Viewing them on a white background makes them more formal and isolated but also easier to see. Always love a comment!

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