2 thoughts on “Sun Gold

  1. I bought the same specimen of tulips, filled – not simple, the other day!!! They are so lovely! When I was a child we had big, big fields where they were grown(and no, I was not born, nor raised in Holland).

  2. That is remarkable! I love the tulip season. In the course of a week what starts as a very neat vase of orderly flowers becomes this wild open structure of exotic shapes and glorious colours. I usually take more photos of the different types but this year the sunlight has been slow to appear and part of the beauty is the interaction of the natural light on the petals. Sounds like you had some magical moments as a child. I have a Ukranian friend whose earliest memories were sitting in the midst of a field of tissue-paper thin red Poppys and wild grasses. She can still hear the rustling sounds and smell the sweet air. We are all touched by beauty!

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