3 thoughts on “CONCENTRATING

  1. Considering vader means father it could be the archetypical energy of all fathers. Although these dark pictures appear quite threatening the colour interpretation is more biased toward the beginning of something new as a result of experience learned. This does require letting go of the past in order to move forward and the symbolic coming out of the shadow into the lightening dawn. There is always a period of transition in such cases and this is often helped by the focusing on a specific task, by concentrating. Like all Dark or Shadow figures in stories Vader tells us a lot about the darker side in all of us and why it is ultimately important to be our own father figure with our own core values.

  2. Darth Vader was a tragic character — transformed by fear, resentment and shame, into a monster. But it wasn’t he who was the monster, but those dark thoughts he was giving power to. He was ruled by them. There was power in the Dark Side, but it came at a dreadful price. In the end, he mastered his fear and defeated his own demons. At this point he could no longer save himself, so he saved his son. The imagery is compelling and there are some parallels between his story and some of the insights you offer about dark energy, coming out of shadow, etc.

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