6 thoughts on “GLASS AND SAND

  1. I really really do like this one !..The tones in this are my kind o colours and can see it framed on my wall tbh…Do you also sell your pictures by any chance ??? :)))

    • Not yet! But I am working on an idea for a book. I’m giving it all some space before taking the next step. Thanks for the compliment though and I’ll let you know how things proceed. I like the subtle sea-tones of this one too. I just visited a beach in Wester Ross an hour ago with these colourings – also your sort of place!

      • Looking forward in seeing the result then ..Already saw some o the pictures you took and Wester Ross is absolutely one o the most beautifull places Scotland has 🙂

      • I can dig it! (pun intended)

        You just reminded me of an ancient comic strip. Long ago Gary Hart used to do a strip called B.C., about a group of cavemen/women and their observations on life. Until the Far Side came along it was always my favorite. In one strip one of the characters is dozing on the beach. Nearby is a clam whose shell opens a crack and the eyes look left and right. Suddenly, the clam, deciding the cost is clear, gets up on two spindly legs and dashes a few yards before plopping back down. The caveman character sits bolt upright and points at the clam exclaiming, “I saw that! Clams got legs! Clams got legs!” As he carries on like this, the clam, with a sort of chagrined stoicism thinks to himself, “Great. Now I have to kill him.”

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