1 year of blogging

A year ago today I published my first blogpost on WordPress entitled Dragon (Drakein) ~ with the meaning, to see clearly. My intention being to observe, explore and enjoy looking at colour in a unique way. Over this past year I have been humbled and delighted to discover that I was not alone on my journey and I have 403 followers to thank for the time and attention which they have given to my postings.

The challenge now is to see what I am going to do next and as a result am taking a week’s sabbatical in the wildest of surroundings to reflect upon and enjoy colour in its purest form.

Warmest greetings to you all from the far North West of Scotland.

15 thoughts on “1 year of blogging

      • Sounds good. Heatwave in Bergen the last three or four days and set to continue until the weekend, then off on hols. Yippee! 😀

      • An extra memory card will be purchased today so I certainly plan to use the camera! Thanks for all your support over the last year and I hope you like the Balkan photos when they turn up! 😀

      • It will be great to work with new light influences and colours in the Balkans. Having said that I wouldn’t be posting for a while I just did! At this moment I am watching and photo-ing the sunrise and cloud effects around Suilven and Canisp from the comfort of our hotel room window – cheating I know but it sure beats beating off the midges! I may also be forced to post one of these photos later. There be blogging in my blood!

  1. Congrats! It’s been a worthy effort. Significant date for me too… my sister’s birthday and the day my mother passed 3 years ago. She still visits us as a butterfly. My Dad visits as a raven. See them both fairly often. I’ve enjoyed your work immensely. Keep it up and enjoy the those wild ‘Norse’ Highlands!

    • It’s wonderful to realise that Life is a never ending stream and birth and death merely the portals in and out of this material world. It is indeed possible that people who make contact with this pure life force in their physical lifetimes are able to make positive ‘use’ of creatures that experience no separation between the physical and the non-physical. The butterfly is happiness in it’s lightest form and the raven a powerful carrier of wisdom and directness. Many thanks for all your remarks which never fail to make me laugh as they show me yet another perspective. I would like to take my observations to another level ~ just waiting for the inspiration to show me how. My current surroundings are appropriately real and surreal for the purpose!

  2. I hope you find that next level. I was thinking they would make fantastic tiles. I would love to see what a wall of them would look like. Especially a transparent and backlit wall. I think it would be quite fantastic.

    I think you are in the right place to get some inspiration. The photos are excellent.

    PS> I have an ancestral link to Clan Gunn, whose traditional territory you must be very near if you are in the extreme north. The name is a contraction of Gunnar, which is Norse. The northern & western highlanders have an interesting mix of Celt, Pict and Viking blood. Those places are quite mystical.

  3. I’m have deja vu. Did we talk about Neil Gunn before? Thanks for the links. My connection to the clan is tenuous.My mothers family was Irish (originally Norman back in the days of the Conqueror, but they were one of those marcher lord families that was sent to Ireland to hold if for the King and then stayed behind when the Normans gave up on the idea. They became indigenous.) Over the centuries many Scots married into to the family line. We have Gunns, Wilsons and MacQuarries. We also have McCorrys. We don’t know the lineage of this last name as it does not show up in any records I can find. I believe it may be a corruption of MacQuarrie, but I’m not sure. I think the traditional home of the MacQuarries is the Isle of Ulva. Ever been there?

    • I have sailed close to Ulva enroute to Staffa and I know Mull and Iona well. Beautiful islands. No we hadn’t talked before about Neil Gunn. Fascinating how our ancestors got around. I still don’t know exactly how mine got to Scotland but the Knights Templars feature in some way or another.

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