2 thoughts on “The influence of light

  1. I have nominated you for the Virtual Blogger’s Award. I think your site is as beautiful as it is informative. You have an elegant style about you. Here’s the link to my blog where you can accept your award (copy and insert in your blog). There’s a bit of effort involved, but I’ve found it a wonderful exercise. http://wp.me/p3DnOh-7w

    • Thank you Kylie and I do appreciate the nomination. Although I am vain enough to be delighted to be offered them I do not accept awards. You have already given me the highest honours which are to Follow dragonshades and to introduce me to your own worlds. I am in awe of what you have created and wish you ever more delight and success in what you do. Have a look at “No place like home” posted November 15, 2012. This is somewhere you should stay when you get to Scotland.

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