3 thoughts on “LADY BOUNTIFUL

  1. Upon revisiting, I’m guessing no one saw what I described here as I saw something completely different this time. My original title can be described as follows: The whole image reminded me a a wave crashing on the shore — a rough surf. At top is a sinewy neck stretching out to the left and ending in a dragon head snorting something (seafoam?). Below the dragon in the top center is a black blockish shape. I saw it as a massive troll-like figure — huge shoulder on the right side and a great horned head facing to the left on the left side. I dubbed him the Tide Shambler (a kind of sea troll, I suppose). Directly below the head of the Shambler is the head of a gray-white horse, it’s neck stretching out from the breaking wave toward the left. All three figures are facing in the same direction, giving the impression that they are moving as one on the coming tide — a kind of mythical task force of sorts.

    • Following your description I do indeed see all of these figures and love the idea of a Tide Shambler and Mythical Task Force. I always name according to my instant reaction to the picture and later analysis can indeed reveal more and very differing images. My first ‘vision’ was of a self assured young woman a la 1920’s striding into the world full of confidence and distributing her enthusiasm for all who cared to see.

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