9 thoughts on “CAVE DWELLERS

    • Thanks Dan, It’s all about light and I do enjoy the challenge of innovation. Just when I think I’ve exhausted the possibilities a new idea comes along! Good to see you visiting.

    • At the risk of being inoffensive you know what they say – it takes one to know one. I spent three months as a student training in Ninewells and became enchanted by the migrating Geese – I’m easily impressed when it comes to large waterfowl.

      • Oops! I went to Dundee once but it was a mistake, and we did £10K worth of damage to the frames of pictures from Duncan of Jordanstone Art School we took back to E/burg. Accidentally of course! Well the driver was pished! Y’gotta larf my dear 😉 Hup hup Schottland 😉

      • Double Oops! Up close or at a distance you can’t help loving the “Óld Country”. Don’t you think that Scotland sounds even more Scottish in foreign? Schotland……with a genuine ch as is said in the Netherlands.

      • It does sound good in Hollish, I admit that freely. But then the Dutch ‘Sh’ is goed! Ish anyone shitting in thish sheat? Love the nederlanders – even had one at my weeding! Ik heb geen geld, Harmen 😀

      • http://www.scotland.org/features/1000-years-old-and-still-fresh-as-a-tulip It’s not difficult to find links between Scotland and the Netherlands. There is a Dutch book called ‘I always get my sin” which is all about the language faults that Dutch people make when making direct translations into English or accidentally including a Dutch word that sounds like an English word in a sentence. This leads to some very humorous conversations. I can assure you it is also possible to say some rediculous things when trying to speak Dutch ( speaking from experience)

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