2 thoughts on “Times ~ they are a changing

  1. Hi Dragonshades,

    Are these photos of your own plants, cut flowers and fruits?

    The photos are indeed beautiful and very well taken, and you do seem to delight in the riots and mixtures of the colours and forms.

    Assuming that you like gardening, please feel free to visit other SoundEagle’s websites that concern plants, gardening and horticulture:

    Enjoy! SoundEagle looks forward to your feedback.

    • Hi SoundEagle, Many thanks for the comments and questions.
      Yes these are photos taken in my garden, it’s such a great time of year for those colours and shapes.

      I certainly will visit your blogs. Managed a quick visit to the pottedplantsociety and was stunned by the creativity. Will be visiting and commenting on the others soon. Wonderful links. My garden is in the Netherlands which has a very different climate from your own but still manages to produce a wonderful range of plants.

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