5 thoughts on “And the prize goes to ……………..

  1. First thought: Do I want to know the size of the spider who made this? No!
    I’ve been enjoying this entire series of webs you’ve posted, and yes, this is a winner! I come to think of a study I read about, how spiders were given different stimulants and how that would affect how they made their webs. I didn’t remember in what context I read about it, but hey, there is google, here is some information about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Effect_of_psychoactive_drugs_on_animals As a coffee drinker I find the effects of caffeine particularly scary…

    • The only comfort is that you are not a spider. This is great information though and on my photographic web spree I did notice a tremendous difference in the quality of the webs and now I know why. I thought that there were some that were just learners but seemingly they are owners of minute espresso machines. Until you mentioned it I hadn’t thought about the size of the big web spider. I may avoid that area of the garden for a while he or she is obviously some sort of health fanatic on a really pure diet.

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