7 thoughts on “SOLAR CITY

    • Having Googled this lady and seen her pictures I totally get the association. I used tot think you were making these names up out of the air but research proves otherwise!!

      • You never can tell with me. Sometimes I DO make them up. Sometimes, probably more often, they are literary references. For those who don’t read a lot, the recent film Jon Carter tells a Hollywoodized version of the story.

    • Thanks for these links.Great spacey feel of the first with the zoom-in option. Loved the discussion on Frazetta about the inappropriateness of depicting the characters with belly buttons. Who knew? Seemingly not the artists!

  1. Yeah – Frazetta did tons fantasy book illustrations. I doubt he had time to read every detail of every story. Clearly he read enough to know what the creatures looked like. Fanboys can be slightly hyper-critical at times — but their discussions are entertaining.

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