6 thoughts on “OUTLOOK

    • I see what you mean. For me it is a rather comic alien birdlike creature with a large white beak and sloping head with an eye in the middle of the dark triangle loking as if through a window on the left. Do you think that sometimes one can be too imaginative?!

      • No, I don’t think you can be too imaginative (unless you are hallucinating, then maybe…) I think people see what they see. The brain and eye connection is fascinating. No two people will really see something like art the same way.

  1. An extraordinary glimpse at the exceedingly rare reed instrument, the Xylocorneophone. With a bagpipe-like bladder, but with four chambers, each with its own frets and valves and a total of 42 valvestops and two separate mouthpieces… well… with historical documentation being non-existent, no one quite knows how to play it!

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