12 thoughts on “THE MAP OF EVERYTHING

  1. I used to have one of these. Very handy — you can get from anywhere to anywhere except for a few places that you absolutely cannot get to from here. It was in one such place that I lost my Map of Everything. Had to pawn it in Narnia for a portable wardrobe. It was fair trade as I was able to get straight home. The Map of Everything would only take me to Euclid, Ohio and I just couldn’t stomach the notion.

      • I’m afraid the Wardrobe is a bit restrictive. It only goes to one place. But never fear, I have a line on a Map of Everything Else on Ebay.

      • It could be a Scam but when you’re only other option is the inside of a piece of furniture I’d say go for it but if they’re asking less than a dollar or more than a million I’d be suspicious. Alternatively how about making a photocopy of the ones that I posted?! Just don’t tell everyone okay, it could start getting crowded out there.

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