5 thoughts on “PLANET OF DREAMS

  1. You do the coolest stuff with the most unlikely of materials…. I like these spheres/”marbles” that you are producing 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment Jennifer. There is something very appealing about pure colour and collecting marbles was indeed a childhood passion which I don’t seem to have grown out of!.

      • I really loved those big, multi-colored marbles as a kid, and I guess I never grew out of it. You make interesting art, different, I like that. So many artists don’t ever develop their own styles, trust me, I have tried. So, I stick to writing. 🙂

      • You write very well – your own voice is there and your own style, direct, saying what you want to say. You obviously have a real feel for colour and that in itself is a wonderful starting point for living as well as art. I am most interested in sculpture and I see that coming through in the photographic work. I do like to explore new ideas and I like where this journey is taking me. I never know what is going to appear tomorrow and that makes it very exciting, like a new sunrise. I do like writing and I enjoy reading others ideas and opinions which is what makes blog following so fascinating.

      • I hope I write well. I have been practicing for 30 some odd years since I received my first diary. Even before then I was scribbling on shreds of paper. And, I love color. It has the power to move a person’s emotions.

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