1. Now that you gentlemen mention it …………… I was so mesmerised by the colour and my planetary theme that I wasn’t making the association. Talking of themes…..since I changed to a black background the Comments have also been ‘appearing’ in black on black and so are unreadable or so I thought. Haven’t checked if that is the case with all browsers but I have asked WordPress forum for solutions and haven’t yet had a reply. Suggestions apreciated.

    • Could be a simple style sheet script error, but that seems too easy. Since the text is generated by a form, it is more likely to be a Javascript error. I don’t have the patience for this stuff. If I get the time, I’ll ask one of my web designers to take a look at the source code and see if she can spot the problem. Hopefully you’ll get a fix from WordPress sooner than that.

      You can read the text by highlighting it. That’s what I have been doing.

      • If I get a response from the Oracle I’ll fix it otherwise I rather like the mysterious disappearing text and the fact that everyone has it in their power to reveal the words if only they believe in the magic mouse. Many thanks.

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