• That is really kind of you to let me know. The Autumn has been spectacular this year and this particular tree seems to exude all the sunshine it stored up during the summer.

      • The tree in the explosion was a gift from the birds, growing as it did from a dropped seed and now it exudes life at the very moment that it is withdrawing for a couple of months of contemplation. Even on dull November days it looks as if the sun is shining.

      • Alas, in my climate, trees go dead in November, all the way to April – but, spending a lot of time in the UK, with its humid winters, I understand how that can happen!

      • My main focus of attention is Scotland and the Netherlands. The weather is not so different but the clarity of the light is and it is the light that makes the mood whatever the season. Maybe this is why the Old Masters placed such an emphasis on capturing the light.

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