4 thoughts on “HIGHLANDER

  1. This reminds me of a running joke I have with my wife… one day while driving in the country we passed some grazing cattle. I said, “Look, beeves!” This was not an uncommon sight, I was just being silly. She replied, “What kind of beeves?” I said, “Those are highland beeves.” “How can you tell?” she asked. “Well,” says I, “Lowland beeves sound like this: NNNNNEEERRRRRR!” I made a very loud cow lowing sound. “But highland beeves sound like this: nnnnneeerrrrrrr.” I made a very quiet cow lowing sound. She looked at me quizically, “That’s the difference? Highland cows are just quieter than other cows?” She feigned incredulity. I replied, “No. They’re not quieter, just further away… you know, up in the highlands.” 😉

    • Love it! It is interesting that although they look fierce they are the most docile of cattle – but then with horns like that they’ve already made a point (yup, that was a terrible pun).

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