4 thoughts on “TIME TO CELEBRATE

  1. It looks like there is flower vine running through the middle, and the top looks like the beginning of a fractal. You do the most interesting things 🙂

    • I love serendipity! In Scotland highly intuitive people are said to have the Second Sight which could be interpreted as finely tuned intuition and observation skills. Artists at their best are like wild animals who see the wind and make shapes out of scent.

      • Hence, your screen name. I have wondered where that came from. Now I know. I really love the bit about seeing the wind and making shapes out of it because the wind literally does make shapes out of whatever it encounters.

  2. I have lived for many years with Scottish Deerhounds, a mystical, elegant, gentle breed that have been an inspiration for many of my sculptures. Communication with this breed is very subtle. There is no need to shout commands or demand their attention. The best of companions they ignore every mood except joy which they will transform into dance, defying gravity and running without the need to touch the ground.

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