5 thoughts on “PLANET OF WINDS

  1. For the first time, the title almost matches what I thought when I saw this one! My first idea was “ooohhh mystery planet”.

      • That is a neat idea. I have always been a fan of different types of weathering. I live in a state that has been shaped by wind, water, and volcanism (still can’t figure out how to spell it). If you go off into the due west part of the state and drive the dirt roads, there are sandstone formations that look like peppermint. They are red sandstone layered with the white limestone. Other parts look like cathedrals. Absolutely amazing…..you just have to learn how to appreciate different shades of rock because we do not have a very green environment 🙂

      • I wish Americans (not Native Americans, they have their own relationship with the Earth) had a healthier sense of the beauty of this planet. This is not to say that there have not been some phenomenal artists and photographers and writers who have been able to portray the sacred nature of the Earth, but it seems like the majority are just not that indebted to the planet that sustains all of us.

        I can imagine what a region referred to as the land of the Mountain and the Flood would look like. We just don’t have that relationship in this country.

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