10 thoughts on “THE LIGHT WITHIN

  1. It looks like windswept snow trapped inside a marble, or possibly the view out of a snow cave high up on some mountain….

      • Since I am artistically somewhat inept, I tend to paint pictures with words….. glad to see I am getting good at it. It has been 30+ years in the making. I think I started writing when I was 11 or 12, and received my very first journal/diary from my father. Before that, I wrote letters to the President and my local Congressmen, and to Newsweek blasting certain Op/Ed pieces that i disagreed with 🙂

      • I like the view out of a snow cave while climbing some remote mountain in an exotic country…… it has a certain “Indiana Jones” type romance.

      • They ran a marathon movie thing yesterday with the Indiana Jones movies. I personally like the first one, but I am a Harrison Ford so anything he does is fine with me.

      • The first one came out when I was about 13, and I had been completely with Harrison Ford ever since he played Han Solo in Star Wars (the originals and best, in my opinion)

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