• Very simple photography using the medium of oil and water as a lens. Combine this with being in the right place at the right time, a weird imagination and a love of colour. Appreciate your curiosity and your own blog.

      • Cheers for the compliment lol, still new to the whole blog thing to be honest. I’ve never heard of using water+oil in photography like that before! Really cool stuff man, genuinely. Your posts pop up very regularly on my Reader, how often do you create these?

      • Every day for the past year and a half to answer your last question first. I’ve never seen this done before either, the idea evolved out of curiosity. I am now exploring the practicalities of transforming some of the images into photographic art with a life beyond the screen. As an artist I would call myself a sculptor who has moved from working in wax and casting in bronze to playing with light and colour in an unconventional way. The images have attracted a wonderfully wide variety of people to dragonshades including a lot of musicians and writers, some artists and photographers, gardeners and bird watchers! Please keep on with the music postings. I really like to listen to something different when editing my work.

      • Oh yeah, will do for sure! Just thought I’d take a break from writing for the holidays and I guess that included the blog too lol.

        Even if I dont necessarily always comment on them, your images are always a nice break from text on my WordPress Reader! Your following sounds like quite the creative bunch lol.

  1. I would love a group photo! Can you imagine meeting up with everyone!? As far as I can tell ages range from early teens to late 70’s with at least one factor in common ~ a willingness to explore their imagination. Being Scottish and psychic (very observant) I also pick up on positive resonance so thanks for those thoughts even if you don’t write them down.

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