4 thoughts on “BLACK TULIP

  1. Bonjour Shades

    Well, as always cannot pick a favourite – l love them all – this ‘fish eye type of stuff is wonderful and you have found a way of creating art that is unique and original. Bravo.


    • Beste Dan, Many thanks for your timely compliment, much appreciated. Working away in one’s creative tower it is so good to hear a bit of verbal feedback.

      My daily postings have diminished in the past week or two because I am very busy preparing photos for a new interactive art website which will be online mid-February. This is related to the dragonshades photos and a great way to get me focused on specific projects. It is so easy to go off exploring the furthest flung corners of the Cosmos and forget about setting something down here on Earth.
      Congrats on your own blog by the way – a lot of colour and creativity going on there in France!

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