4 thoughts on “A Sunni Day ~ the newest member of our family

    • The Hens in the picture are mother and daughter and the chickens are a collection of eggs from 4 different Hens. Out of the picture but close by is a third Hen who is also one of the mothers. I’m telling you this gets as complex as a Medieval Family Tree however the interesting thing is that I have never had this situation before. It has always been one hen per brood of her own eggs. These girls organised this handy arrangement all by themselves and they take turns to keep the chickens warm. It is also rediculously early in the year as all other years the Hens have stopped laying over the darker winter months and didn’t start again until Easter giving us genuine Easter eggs! I never knew that chickens could be such compulsive viewing but at the moment I keep finding excuses to go and take a look at the happy family.

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