Observation requires training like a muscle or a brain. Over alertness leads to a sort of paranoia, an information overload that shuts down the system.  Being selective in what we see saves energy. Not being observant enough can lead to accidents. Looking ahead whilst ignoring your immediate surroundings can be dangerous. What does this all mean?

Colour enters the brain via the eyes. It brings information that our bodies can process. This information is useful when choosing our food and can help tell whether an item is safe to eat. Plants use colour to attract or repell as do birds and animals.

Sometimes words are attached to the Dragonshades images and these can act as a stimulus for a reaction to what you see. These are not meant as an explanation but as indicators pointing the way to a possibly journey. An image without words speaks for itself and frees you from labelling, thinking, judging.  Use the images as a portal to taste each colour as it appears. Take time to view and allow something to happen as a result of your seeing deeper into the colour.

Dragonshades ~ a way to see more clearly.

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  1. If you liked the NEU! stuff you heard whilst enjoying my photos of the ‘Mountain Walk’ you really gotta hear this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Oy5A7fOY0MA. Für Immer (Forever). As you can guess I’m really trying to spread the word about this much undersestimated duo! Sometimes visual acuity and aural experiences just come together – for me this happens with the NEU! sound and landscapes such as Scotland and Norway have to offer. Often they are grouped together with the ‘Krautrock’, urban scene but the pastoral, more reflective, introspective NEU! is the best. If you wanna see/hear NEU! in a different light hit up on Negativland – a much more ‘industrial’, ‘Ruhrthal’, kind of music it is hard to envision. No matter what NEU! is to me, they are the most under estimated band of the twentieth century! I love your work here on WordPress. Great blog.

    Kløaus Dinger’s illegitimate Sohn! 🙂

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  3. I have just been honoured with an Award from a Blogger whose work I enjoy and esteem, namely http://ponderingspawned.com/. The fact that someone following your Blog really likes what you do is already the highest award we can achieve in Blogworld. I read on another site someone stating that they didn’t accept Awards and at the time I thought that I would like to make the same statement but it seemed somewhat pretentious to bat away something that wasn’t even coming towards me. I am trying here to say thankyou with the deepest sincerity and at the same time being aware that I’m unable to proceed with the Award requirements. The main reason being that dragonshades is not about me.
    Dragonshades will however attempt to live up to the compliment and encouragement so generously given.

  4. It is strange when I get myself involved in painting…the world outside of my painting become much like a world of bits of color and shadow, such acuity. It becomes very exhausting to maintain, but I love perceiving everything! Thanks for your contributions.

    • Seeing with intent does indeed require a lot of comcentration. I think part of the reason for this is that it is not the seeing that is energy demanding but the effort to keep hold of this reality. The colour world is so beautiful and inviting like in a Fairy Story but these stories always tell us we have to go back home. Having had the beautiful experience we can of course make it our quest to reveal the beauty in our own World.

  5. Hi. I’ve just been awarded the liebster award (see post ‘Losing my Award Virginity’) and would like to nominate you for the same. Cheers!

    • What a great New Year gift in the old Scot’s tradition! I’m really touched (at least that’s what my friends say) and in spite of having said somewhere previously that awards weren’t really my thing I am actually thrilled. Blogging is the next best thing to being telepathic and I am so impressed by all the contacts that have been made through this medium. I have always felt like a citizen of the world and now that has been confirmed as I receive daily contacts from all over this glorious globe. I raise a hypothetical glass of the finest whisky the colour of Scottish burn in spate and toast your guid health and happiness for the coming year 2013.

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  7. Great to see your focus on colour. I’m tackling colour by getting back into oil painting with the help of a co-blogger Marco http://marcocorsini.wordpress.com/ who does beautifully observed work. How great was it to find Marco & then learn he ran art classes not far from me (what are the chances?) I’m re-learning the need for greater observation and colour mixing. Exactly as you describe here it is a constant balance and an endless challenge.

    • I was just visiting your blog and enjoying your posting on the Melbourne light event. It is certainly a great idea to have contact with someone who understands how to handle paint and mix colour.I looked at Marco’s site and it is indeed fantastic that you are in the same city. Some things are not meant to be difficult! I will enjoy seeing your future work and watching what you do with the colour – no pressure!

  8. Dear Sue I really am delighted to be nominated but as you suspected I am humbly declining the award but not the sentiment with which it was given. Your regular appearance evokes smiles of pleasure.

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog and liking my penguin. You were the first to comment regarding the message behind the illustration…! I’m so happy that the message got across. I’m looking forward to reading more of your beautiful, philosophical sentences and explore your world of colours. 🙂 Nice knowing you.

  10. HI! Thanks for introducing yourself by following me at xballerina! What a creative and eye opening blog this is. Being a dancer, I have similar feelings about images and movement. Often times, they are so much richer than words if we take the time to let them in. I look forward to seeing more of your posts. I have been very busy, but will be blogging more soon. Cheers!

    • I appreciate your comments and your follow and look forward to more postings from xballerina! Please feel free to leave remarks at any time as it is so interesting to hear reactions from a different perspective.

    • Many thanks for all of your attention. I love your blog and will keep returning to do justice to all the different “angles” I am currently working on a new website that will link to dragonshades, taking the idea of color and shape further into the realm of self-discovery. More of this in a few weeks !

      • Its exciting to see endeavors such as yours which show case ones talents and gifts. We are looking forward to seeing your new site. Color is so important for us as it generates mood and energy.

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