5 thoughts on “BIRD SONG

    • There are many of these pictures that appear to show birds and fish which is rather fascinating! In this one I see a blackbird (the reverse of your Penguin’s beak), the back of an Owl and an exotic bird with a golden beak.

      • Yes. I see those too! I agree about how often birds and fish appear. I was curious about that. My theory is that the medium lends itself to streamlined forms. Both birds and fish have streamlined shapes. Land-based animals less so. Although horses and dragons appear a lot as well.

  1. Okay… my expanded theory: It’s threefold. Birds and fish appear often because of the streamlining effect of the medium. Dragons, horses and dogs appear often because you love them. Living creatures in general appear because our inner eye seeks life. When we can’t find it, we personify the inanimate. We anthropomorphize everything. We don’t want to be alone.

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